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aGPSPlayer is an innovative audio application allowing you to manage and play your iPod Playlists according to your current location.

Assign point on the map, and when you approaching this point aGPSPlayer will turn on the Playlist you selected. Make the music reflect your surroundings!

- Set the awakening Techno beat to be played when you drive to the working office, relax with soft electronic Ambient in the park and enjoy hot rasta Reggae music on the beach!
- Surprise for your girl(boy)friend: after going out together make the aGPSPlayer turn on the romantic "good bye" song to sound "occasionally" in the car when you are approaching her home!...
- Create an audio tour with brief sightseeing notes and give the iPhone to your friends visiting city for a first time!
- Turn on your imagination, and you will find many other ways how to use aGPSPlayer!


- To add a new Playlist, tap the "+" icon and select the location on the map.
Then, tap the new created playlist icon to have it selected. Blue disclosure icon will appear near the playlist name ("Undefined Playlist" by default). Tap this button to select the playlist from your iPod music library.

- If the Playlist is selected, the edit buttons will become visible. You can re-assign the playlist location ("arrow" button), or delete it ("X" button). The "Range" slider assigns the distance you need to approach the defined point to start the playlist playing.

- If several playlist ranges are overlapping, aGPSPlayer selects the playlist with smallest range.

- "Satellite Info" screen allows to use the application as a basic GPS. Note, we limited usage of the app if the GPS precision os lower then 500 meters.

- You can select km or miles as a distance units.

- Some additional options - Shuffle, Repeat, Map Type, etc - are available on the Preferences screen.

- You can lock the map center on your current location. This mode is useful especially in case you are using the application while driving as a in-car navigation system.

IMPORTANT: for more details visit the website.


- The program is running only on GPS-enabled iPhones 3G/3GS (second generation and higher) with iPhone OS 3.0 or higher.

- The application needs a GPS satellite signal of good quality. We limited the application usage to the horizontal precision better then 500 meters. You can check the current GPS state by tapping the "Satellite" icon below. Also, after startup it requires some time to locate the necessary satellites, so during first minutes of running the measurement can be less effective.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions about additional functionality! THE BEST AND FASTEST WAY TO CONTACT US IS SENDING YOUR REQUESTS AND BUG REPORTS to WE ARE REALLY INTERESTED IN DIALOG, what is not possible when you leaving the bug-report as AppStore review.